Versions in File menu of LibreOffice Writer

Versions allows you to save different copies of a document in one single file. This item only is active when a document is saved as and ODT. It will not work if the document is a DOCX.

Clicking this item launches a New Versions dialog. In addition to the Help button, there are seven buttons.

  • Save New Version: This will create a new version. You cannot give versions names. However, clicking it launches a dialog that allows you to make comments about the version. After clicking OK in the Insert Version Comment dialog, the version creation date and time will be placed in the Existing Versions list box with the comments. The comments will be placed on one line, scrolling from left to right allows you to see the entire comment. Long comments can be difficult to see in their entirety.
  • Close: This simply closes the dialog.
  • Open: This opens the version in a new LibreOffice Writer in Read-only mode. The version can be edited as a new document.
  • Show: Clicking this opens a dialog that is similar to the Insert Version Comment dialog. It contains the entire comment in a dialog, making it easier to read than how the Existing Versions displays it. The dialog is read-only.
  • Delete: This simply removes the comment from the Existing Versions box.
  • Compare: Clicking this will show the selected version and what was added or removed from other versions. Clicking older versions launches a manage changes dialog.
  • CMIS: This is only in Linux distros. Clicking it shows a location in your computer.