Two common functions make easy clones from documents

Office applications, for decades, have always had a way to create a duplicate document from another document. Save As has traditionally been the function that does this. There is another function that is nearly identical that was added to productivity applications in their later versions.
It is called Save a Copy.

Some applications use both. Others use one rather than the other. Most people who have used a Microsoft Office application or an application that is part of another office suite have used one of these.

There are several benefits they offer:

  • They allow others to take a document and work that has previously been done by someone else and use it for their own purposes.
  • They allow for a document to be frozen at a critical point in its evolution. If there are major errors in a document created from it, users can discard the new document and return to the original.
  • They allow users to create two documents that are nearly identical but make them different.

This article compares these functions in Microsoft Office and LibreOffice.

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