Properties in LibreOffice Writer document

The Properties dialog, that can be accessed through the File menu in Writer, has several tabs with information and settings for the document. The other applications also have property dialogs.

The tabs are as follows:

  • General: This tab gives information about the document , such as type and size. It also gives you the option to reset properties and look at the digital signatures.
  • Description: This tab allows you to add metadata to the document. There are four fields to enter the metadata: Title, Subject, Keywords, and Comments.
  • Custom Properties: This allows you to add metadata descriptions to the document. Click Add Properties, then fill out the fields that appear.
  • CMIS Properties: This will give information about a a document that is accessed from a remote server.
  • Security: This has settings that make a document read only and to enter a password for it.
  • Font: Place a check in this box to embed fonts in the document. This can be used when the document is being sent to a system that doesn’t have certain fonts installed that are used in the document.
  • Statistics: This gives information about the length and contents of a document, such as the number of pages and what type of objects are in it.