Zoho office suite videos

This page contains all the videos about Zoho’s office suite that OS-College has published to YouTube. The videos are about the different applications that compose the office suite or features that pertain to the suite as a whole. The videos are instructional in nature. They cover topics such as connecting to remote servers and working with tables.

Adjusting column width and row height for tables

Aligning cell text and tables

Creating tables, adding and deleting rows and tables

Writer’s new interface

Participating in Zoho Show Broadcast

Broadcast features in Zoho Show

Inserting videos and other media into slides

Introduction to Zoho Show

Introduction to macros in Zoho Sheet

Options tab in Chart editor for Zoho Sheet

Publishing a Zoho Sheet chart and embedding it

Creating charts in Zoho Sheet

Zoho Docs for Desktop – Preferences menu

Zoho Docs for Desktop – Help menu

Zoho Docs for Desktop – Introduction to the menu

Zoho Docs for Desktop – Downloading

Zoho Docs – Creating and Uploading documents

Zoho Docs – Account set up

Zoho Docs – Introduction