Manage versions Google Drive

Manage versions Google Drive

This feature is available on Microsoft Office formatted documents, PDFs, image files, audio files, and pretty much any document that cannot be created with a Google Drive application, such as Docs or Sheets. So it is not available on GDOC, GSHEET, and GSlIDES documents.

When you click the Manage versions item in the right-click menu or the menu that appears above the documents (click the three dots to reveal it.), a dialog appears with the current version in it and an Upload New Version button.

You can store multiple versions of a document in Google Drive. The last version uploaded will be the current version.

  1. Click on the desired document.
  2. Right click on the selected document to open the menu. You also can click the three dots in the task bar above document list.
  3. Click the Manage versions item to open the Manage versions dialog.

Manage versions dialog

The dialog lists all the versions of the document that you uploaded. There will be at least one version.

By each version there is a three-button menu. The current version has two items in the menu: Download and Delete.

Download will start the download of the document immediately in your Web browser. Clicking Delete will bring up a confirmation dialog, asking if you want to delete the version forever.

The older versions have an additional item: a Keep forever checkbox. If there is not a check in this box, the version will be deleted after 30 days.

Upload New Version

Click this button to open the Open dialog for your Web browser. Then use it to find the latest version of your document.


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