Open icon: LibreOffice Writer standard toolbar

LibreOffice gives users several easy ways to access other documents from the one you are working on.

The second icon from the left in the Standard toolbar is the open dialog with associated drop-down menu. Other ways you can access the open dialog are as follows:

  • Press Ctrl + O, if you are using Windows or a Linux distro (Cmd + O, for Mac users)
  • Click the Open item in the File menu in every application.
  • Click the Open item in the left column of StartCenter

Simply click the icon to launch the Open dialog. This allows you to choose a document from the dialog. The Open dialog is native to the operating system.

Open drop-down menu

The drop-down menu has a list of recent documents, a link to open templates, and one to access remote documents.

  • Recent documents
  • Open templates
  • Open Remote File

Open templates

Clicking the Open Templates item launches the open dialog. It’s like clicking the Open icon, but it points to the folder where LibreOffice stores templates. To learn more about templates click here

Open Remote File

The Open Remote File item launches the Remote Files icon. This dialog allows you to connect to servers to edit documents on them, and download and upload documents from/to them.

Click here to learn more about Remote Files.