OnlyOffice text editor ribbon overview

There are 8 ribbons that are similar to those in Microsoft Word in OnlyOffice’s text editor. They are as follows:

  • File
  • Home
  • Insert
  • Layout
  • References
  • Collaboration
  • Protection
  • Plugins


The File menu is almost identical to those in the spreadsheet and presentation applications. There are a few differences, however.

This is similar to the backstage view that you would see when you click File in Microsoft Office 365 for Windows. The menu, however, has items in it that Word places in its other menus or ribbons.

In OnlyOffice, click the File ribbon and the editable document interface is covered by a page with a column of tabs on the left.

The items allow you to save, print, and download the document. It also gives you information about the document and connect to external accounts.

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The ribbon has icons for editing text and paragraphs. These icons include ones for setting the paragraph style and changing text font, weight, and size. There are also items for erasing and copying formatting.


There are numerous icons for inserting numerous objects and other elements into a document. These include tables, images, charts, shapes, and headers and footers.


The ribbon has items to make changes to the document’s margins, size columns, and orientation. There are a few other settings for the document. There are also icons for organizing, grouping, and editing photos, as well as inserting a watermark.


In this ribbon, there are items to create and edit a table of contents, footnotes, hyperlinks, and other reference-related items.


This part of OnlyOffice’s text editor allows you to create and edit comments, as well as manage tracking changes.


The ribbon contains two items: Encrypt and Signature. Protect a document with a password that anyone that wants to open is required to enter. Signature is a drop-down menu that allows you to insert a signature line in a document or set up a digital signature.


This ribbon has several different plugins, such as a thesaurus, photo editor, and a YouTube connector. It also has a settings item that allows you to add other plugins.