OnlyOffice: Save documents locally

OnlyOffice’s desktop editors, that can be installed on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux distros, allows users to save documents to their hard drives and drives connected to their computers, such as USB sticks.

This is different from saving a document in an OnlyOffice cloud account, which can be done in the desktop editors and the cloud version that is accessed through a Web browser. xxx

Save dialog

OnlyOffice uses the save dialog for the operating system it is running on. The dialogs for Windows, Mac OS, and various Linux operating systems have a lot in common. However, each one is unique, as well.

This is how the dialog looks in Ubuntu 20.04. Most of its elements are available in save dialogs in other operating systems. A link to a Web page about the dialog in Ubuntu is below.

Below are Web pages about several different ones. Click the links below for the operating system that you are using:



Linux Mint


Launching the save dialog

The Save dialog is launched in two ways:

  • By clicking the Save icon at the top of the dialog
  • By clicking Save in the File menu