OnlyOffice: opening documents

Opening a document only can be done through the central document manager in the desktop editors and the Web interface.

Web interface

The Web interface can be accessed on any Web browser, on any operating system. The Web interface also will launch when the an OnlyOffice account is clicked from the desktop editors Connect to Cloud section. See the Connect to Cloud section below.

The Web interface has one way to open documents: double-click the desired one and it launches in a new tab.

Desktop editors

The OnlyOffice tab in the desktop editor there are three items below the Create new section.

Recent Files

Documents in this section are documents that have been recently created or edited by the user. Simply double-click the desired document, and it will launch in a new tab in the desktop editor.

Open local file

In this section, there is a Browse button. Click it to launch an Open dialog. Search through the hard drive and connected drives to find the desired documents.

  1. Click the desired document.
  2. Click the Open button in the dialog. Users can also simply double-click the desired document.

Connect to Cloud

This section lists different cloud accounts the desktop editor is connected to. They can be OnlyOffice, ownCloud, and Nextcloud accounts.

Clicking one of these accounts launches the document manager for that account in a new tab in the desktop editor. For OnlyOffice accounts, the editor is identical to the one the user will see if she logs onto her account through a Web browser. See the Web interface section above.

To connect to a new account, click here for instructions.