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OnlyOffice, developed by Ascensio System SIA, a company headquartered in Riga, Latvia, is productivity software that includes an office suite, calendar, office social media, customer-relationship management software, and email client. All these can be accessed through a Web browser and run on OnlyOffice controlled server space.

Organizations also can install the applications on their own servers, and their developers can integrate them into their own Web services. The office applications can connect with popular business platforms, such as OwnCloud or Nextcloud. 

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Fees for the cloud, enterprise, developer, and integration services can be found on the OnlyOffice Website. The company offers its office suite for free, however.

Desktop applications

An office suite that is identical to the one offered for the cloud and servers is available through the Google Play store and to iPhone and iPad users, and the word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation applications also can be installed on laptops and desktops running Windows, Mac OS, and Linux distros in a unified suite, called OnlyOffice desktop.


Videos and Web pages in this section cover items that apply to all three applications, such as opening a document, and the central management system for both the desktop and online applications.

Word processor

This section covers features and functions for the online and desktop word processors. This includes lists, tables, watermarks, and there is information about the bottom taskbar.


Features of the desktop and online spreadsheet applications are here. It also presents universal formulas and mathematical functions that work in other applications as well.


Web pages and videos in this section cover the features that are unique to the presentation application. This includes the different themes that can be applied to slides and the various slides.

These applications create and render documents in Microsoft Office formats and work offline, storing and accessing documents from the hard drive and drives connected to the computer. They also can connect to the OnlyOffice account, and they also can access Nextcloud and ownCloud.The editors are open source.

Cloud applications

The three applications that are part of the desktop editors are included in the cloud version that can be accessed through any Web browser on any operating system. Other applications are available too.

  • Projects
  • CRM
  • Mail
  • People
  • Community

Organizations can either set up an account on OnlyOffice controlled servers to give their members access to them, or they can install it on their own servers for their members. The applications are also available through the AWS Marketplace.

OS-College focuses on the the desktop applications and the corresponding Web applications. Most of the articles and videos about the Web version is about the word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation applications. Videos and articles are about the other applications too, but the lion share is about the traditional office suite applications.

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