Home ribbon

Undo and Redo

These buttons allow you to go back one change at a time, or revert and bring back one undo at a time. The undo button appears in the ribbon. The redo button appears when you click to the arrow to the right of the undo icon. It will become active, if the undo icon has been clicked.

  • Click undo to take a way an addition or restore a deletion
  • If the undo button removes an addition or restores a deletion that you are unhappy with, click the drop-down arrow. Then click the redo button.

In the desktop versions of Word and LibreOffice, users can undo and redo more than one change at a time. This is one capability that Word Online does not have. It can only undo or redo one change at a time.

Click here for more detailed instructions and a video.


This is a drop-down menu with three choices:   

  • Cut 
  • Copy 
  • Paste 

Simply select the desired text. Then click the icon to reveal the drop-down menu. Then click the desired choice.

Some browsers, like Firefox, do not support these menu items. Use keystrokes instead. Only Microsoft Edge supports all of these.

  • Most browsers support Cut and Copy, but they do not support Paste.
  • If you try to click one of these in a browser that is not Edge, a Use shortcut keys dialog will appear with the following information:
Function Windows and Linux distros Mac 
Cut Ctrl + X Cmd + X 
Copy Ctrl + C Cmd + C 
Paste Ctrl + V Cmd + V 
Paste text only Ctrl + Shift + V Cmd + Shift + V 

Cut, copy, paste, and paste text only also are found in the right-click menu.

Pasting what is on the clipboard is the same, regardless of whether text, an image, or a table is on the clipboard. However, there are different techniques for selecting text, images, or tables before one of these can be cut or copied to the clipboard:

  • Click here to go to a page with more detailed information about Cut and copy.