Word Online

For close to a decade now, the most famous office suite in the world has been accessible to computer users who don’t have a Mac or Windows PC. They can create Word documents and edit Excel spreadsheets through their Web browsers on a Chromebook or computer running Ubuntu or another Linux distro. 

The Web pages and videos in this section of OS-College’s Website are about the different applications and document managers that compose the office suite. Currently, not all the applications are covered. The focus will be on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and the document managers. 



Creating a new document and opening a document are examples of topics covered in this section. These are the types of functions that can be performed in any of the applications and document managers.  Sharing documents and collaborating are other topics covered here. 

The section also will have videos, articles, and Web pages about the Home document manager that can be accessed by visiting office.com . This manager lists recent Microsoft Office documents created or opened by the user. It does not list documents that are not in Office formats, such as OpenDocument Text documents. 

Word online

Features and functions that can be performed in the word processor are demonstrated in these videos and Web pages. The section will mostly cover items that come after the Home ribbon, but some of the Home ribbon items are unique to Word. 

The Word document manager allows users to focus on their Word documents. Videos and Web pages in this section will show this manager.