MS Office for Mac

Many Mac users still prefer Microsoft Office as their office suite. It can create and render the standard Office formats better than any other suite that runs on Mac OS. The controls and functions are similar to the Windows’ version.

The section in OS-College has Web pages, videos, and images of the versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Mac.


The Word processor allows Mac users to work with documents created by their Windows-using colleagues, and it has similar features, so those that switch between the two operating systems can work in both with little learning curve. Unlike its Windows counterpart, the Mac version is not the most feature-rich word processor available on Mac.

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Excel is a powerful tool for number crunchers who want to work on a Mac. It also has features and settings to make beautiful graphs and charts to display the data. It also has much of the advanced functionality that the Windows version has, so it could be use by data specialists in various fields.

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PowerPoint is the go to presentation application for many Mac users, and it has the features, such as a myriad of themes, to help them develop eye-catching presentations.

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