Microsoft Office for Windows

The office suite is considered to be the cream of the crop of office suites that is used in most offices around the world. The version for Windows has more features and capabilities than the version for Mac and the Online version.

OS-College will focus on tutorials about the three applications that have been part of the suite for decades.


The application is one of the most versatile and flexible software applications on the market. Simple letters to complex picture books can be created with it. It can also be a tool for creating Web pages and presenting photos and videos. The Windows version can do a few more things than any other version of Word, and the DOCX format that all other word processors have to use as one of their standard formats.

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Not only does just about every accountant’s computer display constantly display this application, but it also is a frequently used application by lawyers, scientists, doctors and workers in just about any career that exists. It can crunch numbers with excellence, but it is capable of many more tasks that involve mathematics and displaying and working with data.

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The application became part of the suite in 1993, and throughout the years more and more features were added, so users can make eye-catching and dynamic presentations. The Windows version has some features that no other presentation app has.

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