Replacing a document in libreOffice with save dialog

It is easy to replace a document with another one. The new document will have the name of the document are replacing. This is a great feature, if you need to make major changes to a document that is shared with multiple people and they read and edit it on a regular basis.

  1. Create a new document and put the desired content in it. Or open a document you want to replace another document with.
  2. Click Save As or Save a Copy.
  3. In the Save dialog (can also be called Save as or Save a Copy), located the document you want to replace by selecting the folder where it is stored.
    • NOTE: If the document you are replacing it with is in a different format, that format will be in the File Type drop-down menu, and the document you want to replace will be invisible.
    • To make it visible, click the File Type drop-down menu and select the format of the document you are replacing.
  4. Once you see the document you want to replace, click it.
  5. Click the Save button in the dialog.
  6. Another dialog will appear asking if you want to replace or overwrite the old document. Click the Yes button.