Libreoffice base Introduction

LibreOffice Base is a front-end database application that has been part of the LibreOffice suite for more than two decades. Like the other applications in the suite, it works equally well on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux distros.

Many consider it to be a direct competitor to Microsoft Access because it is used to create relational databases for personal and small group purposes. It, however, does not have the numerous features and capability that its Microsoft counterpart has, such as the ability to directly include images and themes to the data tables.

The advantage it has over Access is that users can connect to and edit the data in much larger databases with it. This is because the LibreOffice product is designed to primarily work with a variety of SQL databases.

For creating new relational databases, users can choose HSQLDB Embedded, and if experimental features are activated, users can choose to create databases with Firebird. Both are SQL-based databases.

  • HSQLDB Embedded
  • Firebird Embedded

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