LibreOffice Writer: Parts of a window


LibreOffice parts of a windowTo write a document or edit one sent to you in LibreOffice Writer, you must know how to find and access the features and functions of the application. This Web page describes the different parts of a Writer window.

These parts allow you to access the features and functions. The parts are listed below, and there is also a section below for each of the parts

  • Title bar
  • Menus
  • Toolbars
  • Right-click (Context) menus
  • Status bar

LibreOffice Writer: Introduction to parts of a Writer window from OS-College on Vimeo.


The title bar is the same in LibreOffice regardless of the instance or application. It contains the documents full name (including the file extension), the name of the application, and controls for closing, minimizing, and expanding the window.

Below are images of how the titlebar looks in different operating system.


LibreOffice Writer Titlebar in Windows

Mac OS X

LibreOffice Writer Titlebar in a Mac


LibreOffice Writer Titlebar in Ubuntu

Linux Mint

LibreOffice Writer Titlebar in Mint


LibreOffice Writer Titlebar in Fedora


This is how the menus look in Mac OSX. They are above the document window, in the menu bar.

The menu bar has 10 drop-down menus.

LibreOffice Writer menus
LibreOffice Writer: The menus from OS-College on Vimeo.

This menu is common to all the LibreOffice applications. It allows you to do things like create a new document, save a document, export it to PDF, and print it.


This menu allows you to copy, paste, and cut selected text or objects, Find and Replace text and objects.


This menu allows you to view and hide toolbars, activate or hide gridlines, view or hide other elements, such as a gallery or the navigator.


This menu allows you to insert various objects, such as shapes images and OLE.


This allows you to format text, paragraph, a page, images, and other objects.


This allows you to choose from common styles. I also allows you to update and add styles.


This allows you to create a table, modify a current table, and convert a table to text.


This gives you access to dictionaries, thesauri, and other spelling and grammar features and tools.


This lists the open LibreOffice documents, including untitled ones.


This gives you access to the various help topics and information about LibreOffice.

The bar can either be part of the window or it can be in a menu bar that is separate from the window but a normal feature in the particular operating system. This is true if LibreOffice is running on Mac OS X or Ubunutu.

Status bar

The status bar is on the bottom of each Writer window. It has several divisions of controls that you can adjust.

Page number in document

Page Number in LibreOffice Writer Status Bar

This tells you the total number of pages in a document and which page number you are on.

Word and character count

Word and character count in Status bar of LibreOffice WriterThis tells you how many words and characters are in your document. It also tells you how many words and characters are in a selection.

Page style

Page Style in Status bar of LibreOffice WriterThis typically shows default style. However, if you have created a custom style, it will show this.

Text language

Text Language in Status bar in LibreOffice WriterThis will show the language the spelling and grammar tools a paragraph is set to.

Insert/overwrite mode

Insert/Overwrite mode in Status bar of LibreOffice WriterInsert mode is the normal state. It is blank when it is in this mode. This adds the new characters to the line where the cursor is located as you type them, moving any text to the right of the cursor farther right. Overwrite mode will replace the character or space immediately to the right of the cursor with the character you type.

Standard selection

Clicking this opens a menu. The menu has four choices.

  • Standard selection: Click in the text where you want to position the cursor; clickSelection in Status bar of LibreOffice Writer
    in a cell to make it the active cell. Any other selection is then deselected. This allows you to select text by holding down the left mouse button and dragging it until the cursor passes over all the characters you want to include in theselection. This is the normal wayof selecting.
  • Extending selection: Click in the text where you want to position the cursor; click in a cell to make it the active cell. Any other selection is then deselected. This allows you to add to the current selection. After using Standard or another selection method. Then select this and use the process in Stand selection to add more text to the selection. The newly selected text needs to be adjacent to the previously selected text. If you select text that is not adjacent, the text that is between the newly selected text and the previously selected text also will be selected.
  • Adding selection: A new selection is added to an existing selection. The result is a multiple selection. This is very similar to Extending selection. However, the text does not need to be adjacent.
  • Block selection: A block of text can be selected. This will treat text as if it is in a table and cells, even if the selection is not in a table. Hold down the left mouse button and select half the text in a line then drag the mouse down until text in the line below it is selected. In other selection methods the entire text in line 1 would be selected. In this method, the second half of line 1 would remain unselected.
Document status

Document Status in Status bar of LibreOffice WriterThis will give you information about whether the document has been saved or not. A red asterisk indicates that it has not been saved since changes have been made to a document. A check mark indicates that the recent changes in a document have been saved.

Digital signature

Digital Signature in Status bar. of LibreOffice Writer

Some documents can be signed digitally, and some organizations and government agencies require them to be signed. This section gives information on whether or not the document has been signed and how.

Object information

Object Information in Status bar of LibreOffice WriterSection or object information. When the cursor is in a section, heading, or list item, or when an object (such as a picture or table) is selected, information about that item appears in this field. Double-clicking in this area opens a relevant dialog. If a normal paragraph is selected, the area will be blank.

Page view

Page View in Status bar of LibreOffice WriterThis has three options: Single-page, Multiple-page view, and Book view.


Zoom in Status bar of LibreOffice WriterThis allows you to zoom in and out of a document. The closest you can zoom in up to 600 percent, and it can zoom out up to 20 percent. The percentage is shown to the right of the zoom bar.

Context menus (right-click menu)

Context menus in LibreOffice WriterThese menus can be seen when you right click on a paragraph, an object, or another item. The items in the menu depend on what is selected.

Here are links to pages about different context menus:

Paragraphs and text

Shapes, images, charts and artwork