Finding text, objects introduction

The page gives subscribers a detailed tutorial on the Find toolbar. This page is an introduction to it. Click here to subscribe and visit the tutorial.

The Find toolbar allows users to find text, images, and objects in a document. It opens at the bottom of each window. It can be accessed through the Edit menu and by pressing Ctrl F (Cmd F for Mac). Below are the items covered.

Text field: This is where you type a word, phrase or string of characters that you want to find in your document. The arrow buttons, Find All, Match Case, and Find and Replace icon are used to perform the search.

Navigate By: This menu lists various objects that you can use the arrow buttons to cycle through. In version 5.4 and earlier of Writer, this is a button that launches a Navigation dialog. The objects you can search for are as follows:
  • Table
  • Text Frame
  • Graphics
  • OLE object
  • Headings
  • Reminder
  • Drawing
  • Control
  • Section
  • Bookmark
  • Selection
  • Footnote
  • Comment
  • Repeat search
  • Index entry
  • Table formula
  • Wrong Table formula