Find and Replace introduction

The Find toolbar is a quick way to find strings of text and objects in a document.

There is, however, a more advanced way to search for text in a document.

The Find and Replace dialog allows you to search text strings based on certain characteristics, such as its capitalization or color.

The Find & Replace dialog allows users to find and change strings of characters in a document. Basic searches and edits can be done with the settings shown above. Click the Other options arrow to perform more advanced searches.
There are several ways to open the dialog:
  • Ctrl + H
  • NOTE: For Mac the key combination is Option + Command + F
  • Edit menu
  • Standard toolbar
  • Contextual single user interface
  • Home ribbon of Tabbed user interface
  • Home ribbon of Tabbed user interface
  • Groupedbar Full Compact
  • Groupedbar Compact
  • It has a find text field and a replace one. There are numerous settings for replacing text. Clicking Other options reveals more settings for more controls on how strings of characters are found and replaced.

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