Saving a document in LibreOffice

This page gives an overview of saving a document and the Save dialog. There are several different functions that launch the Save dialog. They are covered on this Web page. There are several ways to save a document. These ways apply to all six applications:

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Ways to Save


  • Windows and Linux distros: Ctrl + S
  • Mac: Cmd + S

File menu

Save is an item in the File menu of all six applications and StartCenter. Simply click the File menu, then click the Save item.


The Save icon is the third icon from the left in all six applications. Simply click it to save the document.

Click here to learn more about the save icon in various toolbars.


There is a icon in the taskbar. It is either a disk, a square with a downward arrow, or a square. When changes are made to the document, these icons turn red.

Overview video

Save dialog

The Save dialog appears when several functions are performed. Here are the functions that launch the dialog:

Save for the first time

The first time Save is performed the dialog will launch.

Save as

Save As will make a copy of a document, and it will replace the original document on the user’s screen.

Save a Copy

Like saving for the first time and Save as, clicking Save a Copy will cause the dialog to appear. The difference is that Save a Copy will store the document in the designated place, and the original document will still appear on the user’s screen.


This text box is labeled Save or Save As, depending on the operating system. When the dialog first launches for a newly created document “Untitled # (1, 2, 3, etc.)” will appear in the text box. It will be highlighted in blue.

Type the desired name of the new document.

Spaces and a variety of characters are allowed in file names. Some characters, such as forward slashes are not allowed.

File Type

This drop-down menu has items in it. Each one is a standard format to save the document into. The list contains only those formats which pertain to the document type.

For example, if it is a Writer document, the list will not contain spreadsheet or presentation formats. It will contain OpenDocument Text (ODT) and DOCX.

Click here for a list of formats.

Folders and documents

The center part of the Save dialog is a list of documents and folders contained in the operating system’s directory and the file system of any connected external or virtual drives.

Most operating system’s Save dialog has a left column of popular and most accessed folders that can be added to and subtracted from.

Click the desired folder where you want to store the document.

Buttons and check boxes

There are three buttons and three checkboxes in the dialog.

Clicking Save confirms the choices and creates the new document.

The New Folder button allows you to create a folder in your computer system. First choose a folder where you want to create a new folder.

Click here to learn more about protecting the document with a password.

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