Recent Documents in LibreOffice

There are lists of up to 25 of the most recently opened and created documents in LibreOffice in three different locations:


The StartCenter lists the recent documents in the main part of the window when Recent Files is selected. It is typically the tab that is selected by default when StartCenter is launched. Click the desired document.

File menu

The File menu that is in all six applications and StartCenter contains a Recent Documents sub-menu that has up to 25 recently opened and created documents. It is the same list as Recent Files in StartCenter.

  1. Click the File menu
  2. Highlight the Recent Documents sub-menu.
  3. Click the desired document.
Recent documents are listed in the File menu in StartCenter and the six applications, and they also will appear in the main part of the StartCenter window. when Recent Files, in the left column, is selected.

Standard toolbar

The Open icon in the Standard toolbar has an associated drop-down menu that contains the recent documents list. It also contains several items that the other lists do not have. The icon is in all six applications. Click the drop-down arrow for the Open icon, then click the desired document from the list.

Clear List

This item is in all three lists. Clicking it clears documents from all three lists. In the Recent Files tab in StartCenter, clicking the arrow reveals a Clear Recent Documents item.

Open Template

This is one of the items that the Recent Files list in StartCenter and the Recent Documents sub-menu do not have. It launches the Open dialog that is focused on templates and will be pointed to the folder LibreOffice has designated as the Templates folder.

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Open Remote File

This launches a dialog that allows users to upload and download documents from various servers to open in LibreOffice.

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