LibreOffice Impress menus


Ten menu items in LibreOffice Impress

Slide menu in LibreOffice Impress
This is an example of one of the menus, Slide. It is being shown from Linux Mint.

Menus are how you access every feature in LibreOffice Impress. While toolbars are designed to give you access to a select number of items you need to work on a particular type of object or paragraph type (such as lists), menus allow you to more tools to do those tasks.

They also allow you to move on to other tasks within a document and modify the document as a whole.

Impress has 10 menus:

  • File
  • Edit
  • View
  • Insert
  • Format
  • Slide
  • Slide Show
  • Tools
  • Window
  • Help

Most of the menus are almost the same in all the applications, though the items differ from application to application. Impress’s two unique menus are Slide and Slide Show.

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