Set password while saving document

If you put an X in the Save with password box at the bottom of the Save dialog and click the Save button, the Set Password dialog appears.

This allows you to type a password, then retype it to confirm it. This will require you and those who you send the document to, to enter the password to open it.

A password dialog will pop up when you open the the document.

There are times when you send the document to several people. Some you want to edit the document

Others you only want to give the ability to view it.

To do this, click the arrow next to Options so it points down.

Type in a password. Then retype the password in the Confirm password text box. You do not need to put a check in the Open file read-only check box.

You also can create a password for editing without creating one for opening. A document set like this can be opened. There will be a button at the top of the document that will open a password dialog to enter the editing password.

When you have the passwords typed, click the OK button.