LibreOffice remote server introduction

LibreOffice remote servers introduction

Remote Files dialog in LibreOffice
This is the dialog that appears when you click the Open Remote Files and Save to Remote Server in the File menu.

In version 5.1, LibreOffice offers a new feature that allows you to save documents to a remote server. It also allows you to open documents on a server through a LibreOffice dialog.

This page gives and introduction to accessing remote servers through LibreOffice. It will discuss the benefits of doing this and the different types of servers that can be accessed.

The page covers the following topics.

Accessing Remote Files
Types of Servers
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LibreOffice now makes it easy to save a document in a location that can be opened on another computer. There is no need to email a document to yourself or save it to a USB drive. Now you can save a document to a remote server while working at home and begin where you left off when you login to a different computer at the office or school the next day.

If you save documents at work or school to one of the types of Web servers mentioned below and need to continue working at home, remote files allows you to open the document easily in LibreOffice and continue working.

The new feature also allows more than one computer to open a document at the same time. However at this time, documents cannot be collaborated on in real time.

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Accessing Remote Files

The File menu in many of the LibreOffice applications has two links for accessing the Remote Files: Open Remote Files and Save to Remote Server. Both these open Remote Files.

Click one. The Remote Files dialog opens. Enter your Master Password

Next click the Services drop-down menu and select the desired service.

If you need to establish a connection, click the Add service button.

When the File Services dialog appears, click the Type drop-down menu. Select the desired account type.

Enter the information in the fields.

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Types of servers

Google Drive

Google Drive on LibreOffice
If you are running LibreOffice on Windows or Mac, you can connect to your Google Drive account.

Through the Mac and Windows versions of LibreOffice, you can connect to one of the most popular document management systems.

It allows you to save documents to Google Drive, and open documents stored on the Drive. Versions of LibreOffice that run on various Linux distros and other operating systems cannot access Google Drive.

Click here to learn more about connecting to Google Drive.

CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services)

Type Services dialog in LibreOffice
This is the menu that appears when you click the Type drop-down in the File Services dialog.

These services are open standard layer that controls multiple content management systems. They are typically corporate-level systems that employees of medium to large-size firms use.‘CMIS defines a domain model plus bindings that can be used by applications to manipulate content stored in a repository.

  • Alfresco 4/5:
  • IBM FileNet P5:
  • Lotus Live Files:
  • Lotus Quickr Domino:
  • Nuxeo 5.4:
  • OpenDataSpace:
  • OpenText ELS 10.2.0:
  • SharePoint 2010:
  • SharePoint 2013:
  • Other CMIS:

Other services

The below four choices are personal servers that have been standard technology for many years. LibreOffice can access folders and files shared by a remote server that you have access to or a home computer that you share files from.

  • WebDAV:
  • FTP: Click here to learn more about connecting to an FTP.
  • SSH:
  • Windows Share:

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