Graphic design/video

In addition to office suites, OS-College also covers several graphic design and video applications.

Graphic design

There are several applications for creating artwork and editing photos that work across multiple platforms


This is one of the more popular open-source and cross-platform applications for editing photos. It has been available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux since the 1990s.

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The vector graphics application, that was first released in 2003, is similar to Adobe Illustrator, but it is available for FreeBSD and Linux distros, as well as Windows and Mac OS.

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This is a raster graphics program similar to GIMP and Photoshop. It is primarily for creating raster graphics and not a photo editor. However, it has image manipulating features. The application started in 2004 as part of KOffice. In 2009, it was available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux distros since 2004. Version for Android and Chrome OS were available in May 2020.

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Video editors

Creating an video editing has become commonplace in past 10 years. Every mobile phone can create them, and there are a variety of editing applications on the market. Those covered in this Website can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux distros equally. They have the same features, tools, and capabilities regardless of the system on which they are running.

Open Shot

This is probably the most popular open-source video editor on the market. The Mac and Windows versions can be downloaded and installed from the Website. The version for Linux distro also can be acquired this way. However, they are also available through the software center for the different distros. It is available for Intel/AMD and ARM processors.


The application, first released in 2008, is a feature-rich editor that works great on many low-powered systems. It is more complex than OpenShot, but it typically handles large video clips better. There are versions for Windows, Linux distros, and Mac. Versions for OSX are available through MacPorts.

For both Linux and Windows, there are versions that can be installed, and ones that can be run without installing them. They can be put on an external drive and taken from computer to computer. Many different Linux distro software centers contains the application, including those that run on Raspberry Pi.

OBS Studio

This application is for recording videos and live streaming them. It can record your screen, so it is an excellent tool for making tutorials. It can be installed on Windows, Mac 10.13 and later, and most Linux distros. It can be found in the software center of many Linux distros, including ones that run on Raspberry Pi.