File menu Google Docs

The File menu has items that deal with the document as a whole – what formats it can be downloaded as, its language, its detail, and other items. This page explains the items. It has the following items:

Google Docs File menu
Google Doc’s File menu has items that deal with a document as a whole. A few things users can do in the menu are download the document, go back to an earlier version of it, print it,


This launches a dialog that allows you to send the document to others. It also allows you to set up a link for the document.


This allows you to create a new document. The sub-menu has different document types: Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Form, Drawing, and From template.

Click the link to learn more about the different document types.


This opens a dialog that is a window into a Drive account. Users don’t have to return to the browser tab that contains the Drive account.

Make a copy

This launches a dialog that allows you to rename a copy of the document and choose which directory it is saved.

Download as

This will download your document in one of the following formats. In Chrome, it will be downloaded automatically. Others ask you to save it.

  • Microsoft Word (docx)
  • OpenDocument Format (odt)
  • Rich Text Format (rtf)
  • PDF Document (pdf)
  • Web Page (html, zipped)
  • EPUB Publication (epub)

Email as attachment

This launches a dialog that allows you to choose the attachment format and can write the desired recipients.

Version history

Some times mistakes are made updating a document and not caught after many changes are made it is difficult to simply click undo a few times.

Docs will save the document at several points throughout the time it is being edited. Those points are stored as versions that the user can revert back to. Users also can create versions that can be revisited.


This simply highlights the document’s title and allows the user to type a new one.

Move to

This opens a My Drive dialog that shows the folders in the Drive account. It allows the user to select one or create a new one.

Move to trash

Clicking this will launch a message that the document has been moved to the trash. It gives two options: Take out of trash and go to Docs home.

Publish to the Web

This launches a dialog that lets the user create a link or embed the document in a Website.

Document details

This launches a dialog that gives basic information about the document.


This sub-menu allows the user to select the language for checking spelling.

Page setup

This launches a dialog that allows the user to make changes to the Page, such as whether it is in landscape or portrait mode.

Print preview

This puts the document in a mode that portrays how it will look on a piece of paper.


This launches a dialog for setting up the printer or processing the desired print job.