Fax wizard

The fax wizard helps you create a template to be used for faxes. It has a five-step dialog.

  1. Page design
  2. Items to include
  3. Sender and Recipient
  4. Footer
  5. Name and location

Page design

This tab lets you choose whether you want a Business or Personal fax. There is a radio button for each one. Click on the radio button next to the one you want.

The Business and Personal fax settings have a drop-down menu for different styles.


The page design choices are as follows:

  • Classic Fax
  • Classic Fax from Private
  • Modern Fax
  • Modern Fax from Private


The page design choices are as follows:

  • Bottle
  • Fax
  • Lines
  • Marine

After you made the desired choice, click the Next button at the bottom of the dialog or select one of the tabs in the left column.

Items to include

This section has three drop-down menus and seven checkboxes. The drop-down menus are associated with checkboxes.


A check in this box will include a stock logo that can be replaced when you edit the template directly. It will be active only when you select Business Fax in Step 1. If you choose Personal Fax, it will add a default icon logo automatically. To remove it or change it, you have to edit the template directly.


A check in this box will include the date code near the top of the document. It will change to the current date when you apply the template to a new fax document.