Export in LibreOffice

Export in LibreOffice

Exporting is like the Save features that are in the same list. It creates a new document  from the current document, allowing you change its name and format, as well as choose where you want to store it.

The formats associated with the Format feature are different, however. Some of them are editable formats. Others are read-only.

  • XHTML (.html , .xhtml)
  • PDF – Portable Document Format (.pdf)
  • EPUB Document (.epub)
  • JPEG
  • Writer Layout XML
  • PNG – Portable Network Graphic (.png)

These are formats that can be read by any Web browser and many other applications.

  1. Click the File menu or Click the drop-down menu for the Save icon
  2. Click the Export item.
  3. Perform one or all of the following tasks:
  4. Choose the format you want to export to in the File type menu.

You also can give the document a new name and change where it is stored.