Export as EPUB in LibreOffice Writer

EPUB is the format used to create most ebooks on the market.

Clicking the item in the Export As sub-menu launches an EPUB Export dialog. It has several settings:

  • Version: This allows you to choose between EPUB 3.0 and EPUB 2.0.
  • Split method: Documents are broken into divisions by Headings or by Page breaks. This lets you set the one your document is divided by.
  • Layout method: Documents can be set so they can be adjusted to fit different size screens – reflowable, or they are set to fit a certain page size – fixed.
  • Custom cover image: This lets you choose an image from your hard drive.
  • Custom media directory: This allows you to upload a custom media directory. These are typically in an XMP format. XMP files include properties about an attached image.

The right column has several fields for metadata. These are basic metadata to many schema. The metadata you enter in these fields should fit the parameter of the schema you are using. The type of metadata represented by these fields are typically used to find the document in a system.

  • Identifier: An example of this would be a Dewey Decimal Number or ISBN.
  • Title: This does not need to be the same as the file name or the words that are in the the title paragraph format.
  • Author:
  • Language:
  • Date: This is the date of last modification. LibreOffice fills in the date for you.