Linux distros

Key Ubuntu-based distros

There are hundreds of Linux distros to choose from. Developers worldwide have taken the kernal and source code from various other projects to create different systems. All of them are similar to each other, but each one also is its own unique creation.

One of the most popular distros is one based on Debian, called Ubuntu. Several small hardware manufacturers have decided to ship their systems with this distro preinstalled. This, however, is not its chief contribution to the Linux community. Many communities have decided to base their operating systems on its source code.

Below are two lists of operating systems based on Ubuntu. The one on the left contains systems that are officially supported by Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu. The other is a list of systems based on Ubuntu but not supported by Canonical.

Other Linux distros

Not every distro is based on Ubuntu, however. Red Hat and Arch Linux are other popular systems that developers have based operating systems on. There are several that are extremely popular in their own right.

The list below lists a few of them. A full list of Linux distros can be found at the DistroWatch Website.