An office suite designed to run on just about every operating system frees individuals and organizations to choose their work environments.

Our Mission

OS-College focuses on LibreOffice, the leading open-source office suite for PC and Mac. Web pages, videos, and blog articles on this Website are about it and its applications. Screenshot images on the pages and articles are of its applications and features, taken of it in some of the different operating systems it runs on.

It also teaches and reports on other office and productivity applications. Microsoft Office is the dominant suite on the market, and LibreOffice can create, open, and edit Office-formatted documents. Articles and videos on this Website cover how LibreOffice handles these formats and also compares the suite to Microsoft Office. There is also information about how LibreOffice can be used alongside with Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and other online suites.

Information on this Website are for individuals and organizations who want to use Linux distros on their computers rather than Mac or Windows or have a mixture of Macs and PCs with Windows and Linux distros in their offices. Since LibreOffice runs natively on Mac, Windows, and Linux distros, it is the key office suite for Linux users and workplaces with different operating systems.

The Website also is for people who need to carry a USB drive with their applications on it. There is a portable version of LibreOffice for Windows.

In addition to office suites, the Website has some information about various Linux distros and hardware that comes preinstalled with Linux.

About LibreOffice

LibreOffice was a fork of Oracle OpenOffice, now Apache OpenOffice, that became its own entity in 2012. Several key members who worked on OpenOffice formed The Document Foundation, a not-for-profit organization designed to promote and support the development of LibreOffice. The six-application suite is one of the leading competitors to Microsoft Office. It has several features and capabilities that Office does not have.

One of those features is that it runs equally on Windows, Mac, Linux distros, and several other operating systems. It has the same features, applications, and features, regardless of the operating system it is running on.

A new version is released every six months, so it is continually being updated. Click here to visit the LibreOffice Website and download it.

Click one of the below applications to learn more about it.


  • Writer
  • Calc
  • Impress
  • Draw
  • Base
  • Math

Except for Elementary, the above distros are one of the choices that can come preinstalled on hardware designed for Linux. There are many more distros than these.

Click here to see a list of PC manufacturers who preinstall Linux distros.