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This page lists several PC manufacturers and computers that you can purchase with a Linux distro preinstalled. In recent years more and more small manufacturers have come into existence to offer Linux to their customers out-of-the-box. Others give buyers a choice between Windows and Linux.


This is probably the most popular company to offer Linux to customers. It offers laptops, standard desktops, mini computers (similar to Mac Mini), and servers. When ordering, buyers have a choice between Ubuntu or the Ubuntu-based pop!_os. These Gnome operating systems work flawlessly with their computers out of box.

The company is known for its excellent lifetime customer support. Click here to see the company’s offerings.


Started in 2007, the first sale was to a chemistry PhD. Now the company, based in Michigan, makes computers for individuals, different companies and government agencies, and it allows them to choose from different Linux distros or have any one they want preinstalled. Laptops, desktops, servers, peripherals and Linux gear are available in its market.

The choices in the Linux version drop-down menu when you order a computer are:

  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Ubuntu 19.10
  • Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon
  • OpenSUSE Leap 15.1
  • Debian 10
  • Fedora 31
  • Kubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • CentOS 8

There are also choices for selecting your distro of choice or having the computer shipped without an operating system.

Click here to see the Website.

Think Penguin

In 2008 Christopher Waid launched this company to give better support for free software. It has three desktop models and three laptops, as well as other peripherals and accessories.

All of its computers start at less than $1,000. The customer also can choose from several different operating systems. There is a list of recommended distros for each computer. The buyer can choose any operating system by typing it in the “Distribution to Install” textbox when ordering.

Elementary OS fans will be pleased to know that the Penguin T2, Penguin Mini 2, Penguin Mini B Edition have been tested on elementary 5.0 or later, and the operating system can be preinstalled on them.

Click here to visit the Website.

Star Labs Systems

The company based in the United Kingdom takes a different approach than many of the other manufacturers on this page. It’s two laptops are small, highly portable machines that don’t give buyers the choice to upgrade the hard drive or RAM. The Star Lite Mk II and Star LapTop Mk III are the two laptops.

Both of the cost much less than $1,000. It is also the only computers that come with Zorin 15.2Ultimate pre-installed. Users also can choose Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon, Zorin 15.2 Core, and Ubuntu 20.04.

Click here to visit the Website.

Tuxedo Computers

The German company makes high-powered computers that run Ubuntu, Tuxedo OS, and several other operating systems. They soon will release a laptop that can come with Manjaro preinstalled.

The Website is reached by clicking here.

Juno Computers

The United Kingdom-based company also has a facility in New Jersey where they assemble two mini desktops and two laptops. All the computers come with Ubuntu pre-installed. Buyers also can choose to have their laptops shipped without an operating system.

The company has designed its laptops with USB ports, ethernet, and SD card ports. The computers also have a special app center called Kronos, which you have access to some basic commercial applications, such as Skype.

Click here to visit the Website

Puget Systems

This company is different from the others listed on this page. The company only makes PCs and servers, and the PCs are primarily built for Windows users. However, Linux fans can select to have their machines shipped with Ubuntu or Linux Mint instead. According the selections in the operating system drop-down menu for customizing a computer, support for these two Linux distros is limited.

Click here to learn more about the company.


The company is best known for its concern for privacy and data ownership and a phone that was built around these values. It also offers a pair of laptops and a mini PC. Their computers have physical switches to turn the microphone, camera, bluetooth, and wireless card on and off. All of them run a unique distro created by the company, PureOS. Like the computers it was designed for, it promises to be more secure and private than other distros.

Click here to learn more about the company.

Dell (Select XPS and Precision models)

Currently Dell is the only major PC manufacturer to ship models with a Linux distro preinstalled. (Though Lenovo has partnered with the Fedora Project, and is planning on releasing a few models with Fedora). The XPS 13 and several models of its Precision mobile come with Ubuntu 18.04. Several models of its Precision desktop also come with the operating system, and all of them are certified for Red Hat 8.0.

Click here to see these models on Dell’s Website.

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