About Us

OS-College was started in 2015 to teach others how to use software that runs equally on multiple platforms. This is an area of technology is known as cross platforming. Software we write about and share through videos has the same features and applications on Windows, Mac, various Linux distros, and other platforms.

The OS in our title has several different meanings:

    1. There are articles and videos LibreOffice, an office suite. Therefore “OS” stands for office suites.
    2. Users can access the source code for LibreOffice. They can make changes to it. They also can be distributed and shared. This type of software is called open source. “OS” stands for open source.
    3. LibreOffice runs natively on Windows, Mac, Linux distros, and other platforms.  It has the same features on every desktop operating system, but the user interface differs from system to system. OS-College shows these differences. The “OS” also means operating systems.

Read the articles and watch the videos to learn more about LibreOffice. Many of them compare the suite to Microsoft Office, so there is a lot of information about Office.