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The ABS function take a negative number, like -5, and returns it  as a positive. It’s purpose is to find the absolute value of a number.

= ABS(cell address or a negative number)

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The C9 cell contains the ABS formula. It returns the number -5 in C8 as a positive. The formula also is available in Microsoft Excel

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The ability for multiple persons to work on the same document is important – for employees working on a sales report to soccer moms creating a flier for a bake sale. For a couple of decades now documents could be sent to others via email or by another means to others. Several office applications allow people to work on a document at the same time.

Many times there are people in a group who receive a document that do not need to edit a document or only edit parts of it. For those situations Microsoft Word and LibreOffice Writer have settings that allow the original creator of a document, or administrator, to make a document read-only, require a password to open it, or to make some sections of it un-editable.

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